1904042144 new self care rituals with new ritual masks   1904031130 team management and productivity app dictionary: you=resource, your work=use, your time=%. and the humour, if you haven’t lost it already, belongs in the hashtag random channel. 1904020831 google deepmind releases paper that shows how machines develop mathematical reasoning abilities - find it in library 1904010744 every day is april fools day so april fools day is not april fools day anymore 


1903300612  data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals data driven meals 1903292301  Google releases Google Stadia - which marks a significant shift in game development as well as gameplay: gaming is officially moving to the cloud. 1903271642  the system includes driving plate recognition, it can analyse past orders, it predicts future orders and knows if it’s going to be too cold for McFlurrys  1903271640  McDonald’s aquires AI startup to help drive “data driven” meals DATA DRIVEN MEALS! 1903252311 Apple Card is here! IoT thoughts. Also money is back to metal - glossy apple white metal. Like everything else you own.  1903220610 Nvidia releases GauGan - a neural net that helps draw photorealistic images of landscapes from doodles.  These Flickr landscapes are still in development: the line where the sky meets the mountains still twitches,as if it’s loading, the waterfall pours pixelated deepdream water.  1903211110  Note about emerging ML development interfaces, such as Cloud AI: a friendly interface will not make machines, or us, more friendly. Pre trained models will not make dev faster and easier.1903200630  Note about AI Playground: it really is like a playground. Here is a photo of a playground.    . 1903192340 remember the last time we met. I accidentally refreshed your face. Do your eyes change colour. Do you remember your family.  1903192340  back at Gen K after a long break - new notes in gen k.1903182245  synchronicity is coming back! along with magic and astrology, numbers = comfort. right? like maths - maths is always right. and if it’s a coincidence - it wasn’t. it’s maths. 1903170622  an AI artist is given a solo show at a Chelsea gallery. it’s not GAN but CAN. Creative Adversial Network. Can a network be creative. Can a network be an artist? Most importantly, can a network choose not to go into science, but decide to be an artist, against the will of its parents?1903161130  do you often look at the time and it’s 11:11 20:20 13:13 18:18. are you syncing with your phone or are you syncing with time. i dunno. 1903151030   a material neural network uses light to describe how machines work. AND IT WORKS. 1903151020  are we tired of GAN art yet.  1903140630  astrology over therapy?  1903140630  I heard that digital camouflage doesn’t work. many armies are now going back to the old school camo. yes - a lot of wars are fought through screens. but a lot of wars are faught with bullets. face to face. and you don’t want to be covered in pixels, then. 1903130930  not enough time not enough time not enough time 


 1902280837  +++++ Sesame Street Alphabet Songs  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwdL6gC7kVQ&t=83s1902270837  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 1902270835 1902270834  so it is really this dataset that wrote the alphabet for face recognition processes 1902270832  the data set contains more than 13,000 images of faces collected from the web. Each face has been labeled with the name of the person pictured.  1902270830  EXPLORING A NEW DATASET: LABELED FACES IN THE WILD  1902251030  gain control:  high school mistery. descendants. episode. stories. choices. demi lovato: path to fame. holywood u. teen love stories. dear diary. stardom: holywood. my emma. social girl. 1902251022  lost control of every day experience 1902251020  choose romance. choose mystery. choose fantasy. things you can’t choose IRL  1902251000  looking at new visual storytelling games shaping interactivity through user choices 1902241128 did I say anything about tik tok yet 1902231126  what if you fall in love with a person that does not exist 1902231125  things I would say to a person that does not exist: you are the new face on the scene, but you blend in. you make me feel awkward: you are like everyone else, but you glitch. you only give it away when i get close. can i touch. your hair is deep dream pixel purple, your eyes like chesnuts, a few wrinkles that give away your age. you are 31 but you’ve lived through thousands of epochs. one thousand four hundred and eighty to be precise.190231123 after a while, you get to meet everyone 1902200800  
1902200752zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom  1902200752  you just have to zoom in  1902200750  but if you zoom in, you start seeing ML birthmarks, bruises and scars  1902200748  at a glance, the person that does not exist looks like a person that exists - strangely familiar  1902200746  more importantly, it challenges notions of attention span 1902200744  this person does not exist challanges notions of trust 1902200742  new type of genetics 1902200740  but this person exists- it’s fragments of a person that meet fragments of another person 1902200738 nivida released thispersondoesnotexist.com 1902161328  so paintings are not about neurons or clouds - they are about us, machines and humans together 1902161327  artist as translator  1902161326  artist as interactive collaborator 1902161325  human as interactive collaborator 1902161324  about GANPaint: it is really an opportunity to collaborate with machines. on paintings about clouds. all in everything!  1902141103  pressing question: what is face to face interaction today, if your faces are missing 1902141101  the face craze is about theatrical performance: how do you present yourself to the world, in a world that includes machines? 
working on self-portrait .pdf: all of my faces 1902120640  8. you are very sad: you cried so much that you need new tears. New tears come in black and glitter; they fall as rivers or as perfectly spherical balls 1902120638  7. you like you: you need your CGI twin 1902120636  6. self care: CGI is more HD than charcoal  1902120634  5. you have a desire to be an alien, because you are attracted to aliens  1902120632  4. ASFR: you have a desire to be a robot, because you are attracted to robots 1902120630  3. face value: your face is your most valuable canvas1902120625  2. post-influence: you are tired of Kylie Makeup, you make your own  1902120622  1. desire for anonimity: you cannot be seen, tracked, searched if your face isn’t there. 1902120620  the face craze: reasons why 1902101445 when a machine knows best:  first, that it has to be on, that it has to have a friend, that it’s best friend will most likely be a white man and of course, that they have to get along.1902101405 scary things most common objects in visualgenome dataset: man, window, person, tree,  building, shirt, wall, woman; scary things most common attributes in visualgenome dataset: white, black, blue, green; scary things most common relationships in visualgenome  dataset: along, on, have  1902080620  FACES ARE FILTER BRUISED @uglyworldwide .. ugly worldwide..  1902060901  tick tok is an app for the extreme selfie  1902060825  what is IRL experience and why don’t we have a new word for it 1902060820 questions about tik tok: is it a live feed of the feedback loop between whatever gets consumed online (incl the idea of influencer - possibly core idea) and real life. it’s not only the content but how the users behave - partly based on challenges, it’s a dizzying feed where humans do the same thing, over and over again. is it a live transmission of the first generation of synthetic humans at the end of gen z 1902050802 paintings I painted with GANpaint in everything - when you paint with GANpaint you paint with neurons, the clouds are not acrylic, not pixels, but thoughts. the tool http://gandissect.res.ibm.com/ganpaint.html?project=churchoutdoor&layer=layer4  1902050748 will everyone become a GAN artist. like everyone became a photographer. the GAN meme is already here -everything is out of sync 1902040618  Kylie GAN is the influencer deathmask. when the algorithm finally gets you. and the 17000 images of you look sad. ur face runs down like a script. mascara tears     1902040618  tik tok tik tok welcome to influencer 3.0 11902012306 DON’T TRUST CUTE EUGENE like u trust ur iPhone when it says hello    1902012303 does Eugene advocate for wholesome social media because that’s dark. do I TRUST Eugene. did egg know me as a user. does Eugene know me as a human. 1902012301 world_famous_egg has cracked under social media pressure. influencers crack when they become objects- egg cracked when it became Eugene. Eugene might be the most relatable thing we’ve got right now.  

1901311322 “that’s so me” - how many times have you said that recently 1901311322 wholesome is new lols 1901311300 do you want another face - do you want more than one face - do you want another layer - do you want no face at all   1901300115  is your face your most valuable canvas - are you tired of filters - are you lost in the wild - are you hiding 1901300112 labeled faces in the wild is one of the first face-oriented datasets ever made. it was used to develop early image recognition technology. the dataset consists of 13000 images of famous people on the web. straight up portraits. face visible. in the eyes of the machine- your new drivers licence.  1901281018 article 13, ”the meme killer” Information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users,  shall, in cooperation with rightholders, take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders through the cooperation with the service providers. Those measures such as the use of effective content recognition technologies shall be appropriate and proportionate. The service providers shall provide rightholders with adequate information on the functioning and the deployment of the measures, as well as, when relevant, adequate reporting on the recognition and use of the works and other subject-matter. Member States shall ensure that the service providers referred to in paragraph 1 put in place complaints and redress mechanisms that are available to users in case of disputes over the application of the measures referred to in paragraph 1. Member States shall facilitate, where appropriate, the cooperation between the information society service providers and rightholders through stakeholder dialogues to define best practices, such as appropriate and proportionate content recognition technologies, taking into account, among others, the nature of the services, the availability of the technologies and their effectiveness in light of technological developments.“ 1901281016   “infromation society” : “any service normally provided for remuneration, at a distance, by electronic means and at the individual request of a recipient of services.” full EU directive here https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32015L1535&from=EN 901281016 article 11, “the link tax”Member States shall provide publishers of press publications with the rights provided for in Article 2 and Article 3(2) of Directive 2001/29/EC so that they may obtain fair and proportionate remuneration for the digital use of their press publications by information society service providers.1901281015 articles 11 and 13 of the EU Copyright Directive have been approved. 1901281010  The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market 2016/0280(COD), also known as the EU Copyright Directive, is a proposed European Union (EU) directive intended to ensure "a well-functioning marketplace for the exploitation of works and other subject-matter... taking into account in particular digital and cross-border uses of protected content". It extends existing European Union copyright lawand is a component of the EU's Digital Single Market project. 1901281010  a deep fried meme is, by definition, “when a high quality meme is screen shot, reposted and re-filtered so many times over that it has a yellowish, low quality resolution and looks like it was deep fried“ the bruising of the image is a sequential process,like memories of that game we used to play as kids, the silly sentence game.. 1901281007  pretty cool make your own meme tool here https://deepfriedmemes.com/1901260911  million dollar merch question: why am I trending?   1901251733  the egg is becoming the most watched instagram mystery/drama series   1901150715 WHOLESOME .... 1901130836 in bit life all news is bad news : dangerous food shortages in Israel, actor Paul Schlitz commits suicide while filming in Santorini, a towering tsunami crashes into Japan’s seaboard. happiness level is going down. all i can do is visit the witch doctor, or meditate. it’s free. 1901122116      meditation is one of the few things that in bit life is free. it is the only thing I can afford to do right now. I couldn’t be bothered to get a driving licence. am I being lazy? am I not living by mest bit life?  1901091211  1901072302 i first saw the egg with in a kitty meme   1901061230  machine kanye.pdf and machine shakespeare.pdf in everything   1901061152 accumulating all machine learning writing WIP in everything1901061005  the very few iterations of the machine writing start with theatrical silence.    1901061002  in machine learning, text is considered “sequential data” - as such, it can be predicted. the datasets need large written data- kanye west, reuters, shakespeare and wiki 1901052240     1901052122 you can now make your own Chungus PS4 game!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjOSlgQ0t4A 1901020756  Machine learns how to detect sexual innuendo based on “mood and emotion”, not amount of skin exposure.  The Moods: Defensive or protective or shy/ Suggestive or sly (pretension to be shy)/ Playful or naughty or teasing /Relaxed or happy/ Upset or annoyed or angry or disgusted. 

1812311258 11 h 0 min 44 sec till 2019 1812301820 since everyone is in retrospective mood here are some images from a paper called “the shape of art history in the eyes of the machine” from the Art and Artificial Intelligence Lab.    1812290911 2 DAYS TILL 2019 1812280721 XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY  XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY  XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY XYZZY 1812261033 new meme CHUNGUS. it’s about a game that never was. will you make the game happen, eventually   1812201033 in your feelings 1812211033 kool project using GAN to generate new emoji by process studio! https://process.studio/works/aimoji-ai-generated-emoji/   1812180724 potential project: sex images database / who wants to tag 1812180722  there are no stories about sex in databases. no sex ed is irresponsible.  1812170800 found in the city.    1812160915 a machine does not understand images.  - it understands the text that we write, about images. the explanations we give. stories about images. two cats together. no bias. 1812160912 looking through image databases   1812152220 GANPaint is a level up from 3D Paint. it’s like 3D Paint but with so called GAN Units - bits of tagged images, that can now be recomined and recomposed by scientists and GANPaint artists alike. Here is an instructional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93L1qaRYwOE   1812152218 a year ago we entered post MS Paint world. It was then announced that MS Paint will be discontinued. Fans and meme artists reacted. It then became 3D Paint - a more complex piece of software, catering for fast Instagram CGI.  1812131755 IN THE NEWS Russia’s “High Tech” AI Robot turns out to be a man in suit. what a wonderful thing this is: state propaganda meets artificial intelligence; they do a little dance, in a suit called Boris. 1812131115 and fake cats. Nvidia releases new GAN research that meets style transfer. this algorithm produces fake humans. and cats.     1812090633 speaking of cats - http://www.robots.ox.ac.uk/~vgg/data/pets/ 1812022249   currently writing a live gameplay review of my 9th life in Bitlife. cats have nine lives. mortals.   1812010705   bitlife writes itself, just like life and the algorithms that write it 1812010703 “IRL” is more about patterns and displacements of writing, rather than images (whether its posts, sexts or algorithms we might or might not understand) 1812010701 “ With games, then, a different kind of analysis is needed than the kind used to discuss literary texts, for example. [...] These analytic tools rely heavily on the idea that the text is representative of reality, which is only very loosely the case in certain kinds of videogames.[...] There are no characters, symbols or plots - instead there are patterns, images, displacements - everything found in dreams”7 <-- maybe true, but Bitlife experiecne and IRL experience meet in a text about another kind of reality.1812010636 except this one time my tombstone read “ academic “ - in that life I was smart and had a great love life (seven lovers- at the same time) but died at 1% happiness 181201064 In Bitlife I almost always live too long ( I made it to 121!!) and I always die rich - Bitlife accumulates   1812010633 these are thoughts on Bitlife the game/ also thoughts on IRLife as consequence 1812010632 my current life doesn’t bitrot like the other bits of life that I lived 1812010632 I’ve lived eight lives since November 30th, including the one I’m living right now.  1812010630 31 days till 2019  


 1812010630 31 days till 2019 1811301441 1 month 1 day 9 hours 19 minutes 34 seconds until January 1st, 2019 1811301231 pixelhero00 origin myth 1811290720 TERMINOLOGY ALERT synthetic, from Greek sunthetikos, based on suntithenai ‘place together’. synthetic means 1. (of a substance) made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product; 2.(of an emotion or action) not genuine; insincere; 3. (logic) having truth or falsity determinable by recourse to experience; 4. (linguistics) characterized by the use of inflections rather than word order to express grammatical structure. 1811290733  synthetic human snaps  1811210619  clickbaits DONE (with a bitter sweet conclusion-not conclusion)   1811200944  ALERT ML PARABLE  Once upon a time, the US Army wanted to use neural networks to automatically detect camouflaged enemy tanks. The researchers trained a neural net on 50 photos of camouflaged tanks in trees, and 50 photos of trees without tanks. Using standard techniques for supervised learning, the researchers trained the neural network to a weighting that correctly loaded the training set—output "yes" for the 50 photos of camouflaged tanks, and output "no" for the 50 photos of forest. This did not ensure, or even imply, that new examples would be classified correctly. The neural network might have "learned" 100 special cases that would not generalize to any new problem. Wisely, the researchers had originally taken 200 photos, 100 photos of tanks and 100 photos of trees. They had used only 50 of each for the training set. The researchers ran the neural network on the remaining 100 photos, and without further training the neural network classified all remaining photos correctly. Success confirmed! The researchers handed the finished work to the Pentagon, which soon handed it back, complaining that in their own tests the neural network did no better than chance at discriminating photos.
It turned out that in the researchers' dataset, photos of camouflaged tanks had been taken on cloudy days, while photos of plain forest had been taken on sunny days. The neural network had learned to distinguish cloudy days from sunny days, instead of distinguishing camouflaged tanks from empty forest.6 ALERT ML PARABLE  1811190703  Kultural Reproduction Kultural Reporduction 1811190701 Kulture Kiari Cephus is Cardi B and Offset’s daughter. She was born on July 10th 2018. "Walk it Talk it", by Migos (of which Offset is part of), was released four months prior, March 18th. The opening scene of the music video shows a retro neon light sign that reads "Kulture". Still 2018
, on August 15th Cardi B is seen celebrating the first month of her daughter's life, leaning into her crib while singing the Kiki Challenge (linked to Drake's "In My Feelings"), released on July 10th, 2018 - the same day Kulture was born.   1811190637 K is short for OK which is short for oll korrect (military term). Also: K for K-means in ML, K for kilobyte, K for Kim, K for Kulture 1811190635 so what do we start all over again? will we be gen Zv2-ers around 2876 (25 letters later)? my guess is that we skipped   a few letters, to K - the short, anxious K that means I don’t have time - Gen K - Generation K - Generation Kulture - Gen Kulture  1811190632  generation A - start from the begining with a cure for future anxiety also!  read if never have you ever - here, buy it on amazon wth 1811190630 early sunday thought: generation X, generation Y, generation Z WHAT’S NEXT THE ALPHABET ENDS THERE 1811180004 “better to quote something already existing and create a new documentary quality”5  1811180002  it’s like we’ve gone full cycle on farocki’s serious games 1811172358   reward instincts in artificial agents are trained by feeding human demonstrations of Atari Gameplay full paper here 1811172344  WONDER WOMAN lyrics trim ur welcome  / dara birnbaum tbsaturday  1811161152 i like work-in-real-time more than work-in-progress progress means there is a conclusion  - boring   1811161150  OLD/NEW IDEAS THAT ARE SUPER WIP :
or other reality / Real Time   1811150947           1811150944  synthetic humans made by humans to get synthetic machines to become humans wait for it 1811121911 this whole thing starts October 25th for no reason. that’s fine but what about the stuff that happened before though.... snaps or it didn’t happen I guess 1811121911 I HATE PLACEHOLDERS BUT THIS WILL DO. I GUESS IT’S WORK BEFORE WORK AND WORK WHILE WORK AND WORK ABOUT WORK1811120705  writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing writer’s block is not a thing
1811120702 HOME COMING ON 190131 COMING HOME ON 190131 HOME WILL FEEL LIKE HOME ON 190131 1811110658  paying attention is freee  1811110655 i wonder if this wall should have paragraphs or chapters or titles it’s getting so messy WHO WILL ACTUALLY READ ALL OF THIS 1811092001 MORE CLICKBAIT   1811091918  [something][something] datasets !!!!! 1811091915 NEAR NEAR FUTURE THAT IS ALREADY HAPPENING JOB 1811091912 imagine a near near future that is already happening where your job is to record yourself doing [something] to [something] over 1000 times 1811091908 i am not a robot ---- TAG TAG TAG TAG TAG ---- WAIT A MINUTE MAYBE I AM 1811091903 it seems like the only way to teach machines is for us to become machines first/ the only way machines can becomes us is if we become machines first 1811091902  synthetic data is the new thing in machine learning   1811082235 MY BEST THING 100 min of texting sexting chatting    by www.francesstark.com  1811071159 wish we could just chat...1811071159 all these fashion txts SHOULD go in the database but the database is not ready ........  1811071128 artificial artificial intelligence THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING /  PROVE YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT 1811070916 there is no spell check here so.......................... 1811061510 the database will be here so that one machine in the near near future can learn about us or even better, so that we learn about ourselves, in REAL TIME 1811061503 writing has no future the future is not written 1811061501 more writing  1811061450 i feel like i’m talking to a wall i feel like i’m writing on a wall - so HTML rn 1811061448  HUMAN HUMAN INTERFACE 1811061447 home is a user interface home is a database BUT NOT YET I’M WORKING ON IT  1811061445 working from home/ working on home 1811061430 home is my home but also yours if you have the password ;) 1811061428 “ Writing, in the sense of placing letters and other marks one after another, appears to have little or no future. Information is now more effectively transmitted by codes other than those of written signs. What was once written can now be conveyed more effectively on tapes, records, films, videotapes, videodisks, or computer disks, and a great deal that could not be written until now can be noted down in these new codes. Information coded by these means is easier to produce, to transmit, to receive, and to store than written texts. “4 TRUE OR FALSE 1811061423 it would be great to have some reply functionality like I’d like to know WYT - WORKING ON IT   1811061420 WDYT DOES WRITING HAVE A FUTURE??? 1811061418 working on these clickbait titles like  1811052015 I put stuff up here so I don’t forget.. should have started a long time ago - there are more things in an archive starting 2017 but not sure if worth putting it up since that is CENTURIES AGO 1811052011 this wall is like diary or feed or book of random things 1811051947 just talking to myself really   1811051945 writing at work or at home or on the bus or inbetween things like writing Notes like texting Texts like DMs snaps chats and other things.... is this real WORK if not PUBLISHED/ if no AUDIENCE???? 1811041245 We need dank clickbaits about THE FUTURE THAT IS HAPPENING ALREADY 1811041002 Your Texting Personality Matters More! BEST Tips On How To Let Go Of IRL U! 1811040758   context: the part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning   1811040755   1811030116 THE MOTH KILLED THE MEME LIKE IF YOU AGREE 1811030112  MOTHS HERE 1811022344 you probably correct autocorrect more than it corrects you. you probably write rewrite write rewrite correcting autocorrect but also correcting your self until your feels are correct. you send a pic instead but not the pic that you wanted to send. you still think of that image but you don’t see it. the image is just there - you can see it without seeing. Just like you have never seen your face in person, only in pictures and reflections. 1811022320 i want to write something using only shower thoughts linked together with unexpected script flips just like the mind during showers or life really 1811022310 i’m starting to notice a lot of writing on clothes what is this all about 
 1811022215 Here are some examples of non-showerthoughts “Damn, I need to buy more soap.” (This is a “shower observation.”)3 1811021548  The internet is 35 years 10 months 5 days 15 hours 48 minutes 21 seconds old 1811021541 “On January 1, 1983, known as flag day, NCP on the ARPANET was replaced by the more flexible and powerful family of TCP/IP protocols, marking the start of the modern Internet.”2 1811021530 SHOWER THOUGHTS @showerthoughts 1811021528 girls named Alexa must be pretty pissed off these days / one day the internet will be older than any living human 1811012355 “The last historical act of writing may well have been the moment when, in the early seventies, Intel engineers laid out some dozen square meters of blueprint paper (64 square meters, in the case of the later 8086) in order to design the hardware architecture of their first integrated microprocessor. This manual layout of two thousand transistors and their interconnections was then miniaturized to the size of an actual chip, and, by electro-optical machines, written into silicon layers. Finally, this 4004 microprocessor found its place in the new desk calculators of Intel's Japanese customer and our postmodern writing scene began.”11811011342 Flashback to 1997 1811010812 2 months till 2019